News & Announcements

2016 Sponsors

2016 Sponsors The sponsors for the Texas Time Trials are so very important.  Without them, there is no way possible for us to put on this event every year!  We are so thankful to have a handful of dedicated sponsors that return year after year. Bicycles Inc. has been one of our main sponsors since […]

2016 Hall of Fame

The Texas Time Trials Hall of Fame  Texas Time Trials Hall of Fame inductees for 2016 include Nathan Scaggs and Jeremy Davis.  Congratulations for racing 10+ years!  Nathan Scaggs came out with all the folks from his Manly Bulge Bicycle Club.  MBBC makes it a party every year.  Jeremy Davis was out at the event […]

2016 Course Records

The Texas Time Trials Course Records Course Records are now posted and TEN were set in 2016.  The 4-Person Mixed Upright Team “Three Dicks and a (Shut Up Cancer!) Chick” made up of John Evans, John Pecot, Darci Scott and Eric Smernoff rode the Tejas 500 in 27 hours which beat the previous record by […]

2016 Texas Ultra Cup

2016 Texas Ultra Cup OPEN CATEGORY For 2016, 31 solo and 7 team Texas Ultra Cup Trophies were earned.  In the Open Category alone the solo participants earned almost 15,000 miles with eight riders totaling over 1,000 each.  Now, that’s a bunch of miles!  The Overall Solo Male Open award was earned by David Baxter […]

2016 Volunteers

2016 Volunteers With so many super awesome wonderful (there are not enough superlatives!) volunteers, where do we start?  Let’s go through the event as rider does and see all of the support and Texas hospitality that they receive.  When a rider arrives at the event, they head over to registration first and will find Pam […]

2016 Tejas 500

Tejas 500  Our premier event, The Tejas 500, was quite an event to watch or participate in this year.  Andrew Willis from Austin, Texas rode to a First Place Solo Male winning spot for the second year in a row.  Andrew averaged 17.77 mph over the 503.50 miles and finished in 28 hours and 20 […]

2016 24-Hour Iron Butt Event

24-Hour Iron Butt Event Friday afternoon at 5pm, 23 racers lined up to ride as far as they could for 24 hours.  And boy did they ride!  With a total of all solo riders and teams, 34 riders rode over 6800 miles in 24 hours.  At the top of the heap, Sarah Cooper from Iowa […]

2016 Tin-Butt 12-Hour Challenge

Tin-Butt 12 Hour Challenge The 75 degree early morning start on Saturday for the 12-Hour Challenge was a nice start.  The day got warmer, but with 32 total riders there were many miles racked up for this event.  Thank you to Mother Nature for holding off the thunderstorms that past just to the east of […]

2016 26.5 Mile Sprint

2016 26.5 Mile Sprint To grow the sport of Ultracycling an event needs to be inclusive not exclusive.  This is the basis upon which we founded TTT over 14 years ago.  This year was a great example of the Woodstock approach we’ve always strived for.  A combination of World Class Athletes and the girl next […]