Texas Ultra Cup Rules

1.     Purpose

The purpose of the Texas Ultra-Cup Challenge (TUC) is to provide an affordable series of Texas based ultra-races.  A race series which will bring a unique adventurously fun experience filled with camaraderie to the Texas Ultra Community, ultimately crowning the best ultra racers in this Texas Ultra Cup Challenge.  Winners will be determined for different bike types in each or 4 different race divisions, 6-Hour, 12-Hour, 24-Hour and Open Race.  Every racer registering for 3 races or more will earn a Texas Ultra Cup Award.  A series challenge is appealing in that a racer may win just by remaining healthy and racing consistently.

2.     Race Divisions

The different divisions of races that a participant can compete in:

  • 6 Hour or approximately 100 miles (No Teams) Best of 3 races
  • 12 Hour or approximately 200 miles (2 or 4 person Teams) Best of 3 races
  • 24 Hour or approximately 400 miles (2 or 4 Person Teams) Best of 3 races
  • Open (could include a combination of any Race Division and/or 500 or 1000 mile races).

A racer does not have to declare which division he (or she) is racing in before racing and may change divisions.  They are assumed to be racing in the division raced at the first event until they switch by racing in a different division (which would then likely place them in the Open division, unless you tell us different).  A racer must register for at least 3 races in a division to remain in a division, doing more than 3 races in that division allows the racer to drop his lowest mileage race.  It will be a best of 3 for the 6, 12, and 24 hour Champions.  The “Open Division” will allow miles from any race in the TUC Challenge, which could include more than 3 races and could include all races, riding one 12 hour race as a team and the rest solo in The Open Category, a rider would be credited half of the total team miles for a 2-person team.

3.     Bike Categories

The different bicycle design being used by the racer(s):

  • Recumbent (bicycle/tricycle)
  • Upright (Diamond-Frame) – fully geared road, mountain bike, hybrid or cyclocross
  • Tandem
  • Velomobile

There will be a 1st Place winner in each bike type, 1st Place Upright and 1st Place Bent, male and female winner for each separate Race Division.  There will be no duplication of Awards.

Switching bike categories between races is allowed, however you will be placed in the Bike Category that you did the most races in.

Example:  A racer participates in two races as a bent and one race as an upright.  He/she will be categorized as a bent since the majority of the races were done as a bent.

Teams: Two or four person:  (all male/ all female/ mixed-gender) and Tandem (male/female/mixed-gender) 1st Place for each race division.

4.     Race Placement

Placements:  Scoring will be MILES from the Race’s website.

Male/Female:  These are two separate and distinct competitions, the placements of the male and female riders do not affect each other.

Mountain bike -vs.- road bike:  Since 24 Hours in the Canyon has two separate courses (road and mountain) we will multiply mountain bike miles by a difficulty factor (X 2) so that mountain bike racers will not be at a mileage disadvantage.


Ties: If at the end of the series two racers have the exact number of miles, the racer that finished those miles in the least amount of time wins.

5.     Teams

Teams and Tandems are allowed to race under the same rules as solo racers with the following caveats:

  • Teams may be either 2, 3 or 4 person.
  • There will be no distinction for type of bike in Teams; no special category for bent or fixed.
  • Teams may be either all male, all female or mixed gender.
  • Each team is only competing against other similar (in both number and gender) teams.
  • A two person team must have at least one racer to compete in three events.
  • A four person team must have at least two racers compete in three events.
  • A mixed gender team must have one male and one female racer in three events.
  • A team can race short a rider, as long as the above rules are met.
  • A tandem must have two riders at all times.

6.     Special Scenarios

  • A racer signed up for The Tejas 500 or other fixed distance race, that does not complete the entire race, will still earn the miles traveled during the race, as can be verified by race results and then pro-rated on fixed distance courses. In some cases this will be less than the actual distance traveled.
  • If a team switches a member, TUC is not responsible for providing an extra Award. Extra TUC Trophies can be purchased at an additional cost if ordered at or before Aug 15th.
  • If a racer switches from a being on a 4 person team to a solo rider, they will be credited ¼ of the miles earned by that team.
  • If a racer does some races solo and some as a team, but all the races were the same division/length (i.e. all 12 hour), that racer will remain in the 12 hour division.
  • If the racer does some races solo and some with a team, but the races were different divisions / length (i.e. a solo 12 hr + a team 24 hour + a solo 6 hr) that racer would be placed in the “Open Division”.

7.     Age

  • There is not a separate category/division for age, but if after the Awards are presented you would like to purchase a new Plate for your TUC Trophy, we will arrange to get you one, but must know by the end of September and rider will reimburse cost of plate & postage.

8.     General Notes

  • If The Texas Time Trials will be your third race, be sure to register before August 15 so we will have time to order your trophy.  No extras will be ordered and re-orders are not possible.  The trophies need to be picked up at The Texas Time Trials awards dinner.  No trophies will be mailed. 
  • There is no additional fee to race the Texas Ultra-Cup challenge, unless a race director specifically imposes one; most race directors do not.
  • All racers registering for three races will earn a TUC Award.  Awards will not be mailed.
  • Awards will be presented at The Texas Time Trails Awards Ceremony only.
  • The rules set forth in this document do not override the rules for a particular race.  We do not require race directors to allow tandem or teams.
  • In the event that an issue occurs that is not covered by these rules, the issue will be resolved jointly by the race directors (majority rules).  This is only in regards to the Texas Ultra-Cup Challenge; any issues that are race specific are to be resolved by the specific race director.
  • Rules may be added to, amended and/or changed at any time.
  • Races, like RAAM-Marble Falls, that are a fixed distance will be prorated, racers may end up with more or less than the actual amount of miles they road, depending on how fast they rode. The Tejas 500 will be pro-rated using a 40 hour average speed.

Updated November 2015