The 2003 Texas Time Trials

The Texas Time Trials
May 16-17, 2003 Ride Report

Ride Report By Dan Driscoll

The Course

Located just west of Cleburne, Texas, the 20.1-mile looped course proved to be probably the most challenging of all 24-hour RAAM qualifiers. The course has 2 right turns and one stop sign. In the old “Iron Butt” tradition the 20.1-mile venue allowed riders to easily crew themselves each lap. The course offered several scenic descents.

Race Day Weather

The 7:00 p.m. Friday start temperature was about 80 degrees, but cooled quickly as the sunset during the second lap of the 24-hour race. The 10 to 20 miles per hour winds also died down to nothing after sunset.? Shortly after sunset riders were treated to an awesome display of lightning off on the eastern horizon, although we never had a drop of rain on the course.? The race was planned to take advantage of the full moon, which was bright, with cloudless skies.? Saturday brought slowly warming temperature that eventually topped out into the upper 80’s.


The start/finish was located at New Hope Baptist Church. The church graciously opened their door to each and every rider, crew member, and volunteer.? On Saturday morning the church treated everyone to a pancake and sausage breakfast with coffee as well a serving dinner at the awards ceremony in their large out door pavilion. SAG support drove the course at a minimum of once per hour traveling in the opposite direction of riders, offering water, wheels, or a lift back to the start finish if required.? Bicycles Inc. supplied Brian Buell, our full-time mechanic for the entire 24-hours.


In addition to the church volunteers and bike mechanic we had 2 officials on hand: Frank Bouchard and Jamie Connally, two event organizers, Mike Berry and Dan Driscoll, 4 time keepers, Adam Daneke, Lindsay Ferguson, Donna and Dennis Beasley. In addition Mike and Gay Morris did every other thing imaginable including handing out water bottles for riders. Bill Fox donated his time for our web-site.? Some of these people spent weeks working on this project.


Bicycles Inc. supplied race numbers, coffee cups, and T-shirts for all racers, volunteers, and sponsors.? New Hope Baptist Church supplied the start/finish location, breakfast, and dinner.? Hammer Gel supplied 4 sample packets of Hammer Gel for each rider packet, as well as extra Hammer Gel.? Accelerade/ R4 supplied samples packets for all racers as well as the Accelerade sport drink for the entire race.? CiCi’s Pizza of Cleburne, TX donated 15 giant pizzas, which came real handy.? Quick Sign of Arlington, TX donated the Banner.? United Site Services donated the Porta-Potties.? Texas drinking water of Joshua, TX donated all the Ice and water for the event.? Chris Kostman of Adventure Tours donated the race rules.? DH sports donated use of the time clocks and John Hughes helped out with RAAM qualifying status, as well as advertising.? Please support our sponsors, they support us.? We hope to have all sponsors and links to the sponsor’s web-sites on our web-site soon.? Thank you for all your time, effort, and help.

The 24-Hour Race

We started the race at 7:00 p.m., May 16, 2003.? 11 racers pre registered for the 24-hour race. The youngest was 16 year old Corey Meeks and the oldest was 66 year old Robin Fredel.? Reed Finfrock showed up to the race site first, having driven from California, he planned to crew himself.? Sam Baugh and his well-oiled crew showed up next with their slogan ã good crew is hard to find, but we can always find a good rider?. Soon most entrants had arrived, including Rani Freeman, the only female racer.? The first lap was fast, drafting was allowed for the first 10 miles up the only stop sign on the route.? Mark Metcalfe and Mike Winfrey ãCrash? flew by the start/finish, on the first lap with an impressive 20 + mph average, followed by Sam Baugh.? By lap 3 Sam had established the lead, which he was able to maintain until lap 13 when Finfrock, despite flats and crewing for himself passed Baugh.? Finfrock looked very strong, until Reedâs last lap his splits did not very more then 17 minutes and I am sure that was due to flat tires.? We had all wagered weather it was possible for anyone to achieve the magic 425 RAAM qualifier miles on this course, and it looked like Reed just might have pulled it off.? But after lap 18 Frinfrock happily got off his soft ride and walked to his van proclaiming he was done.? Sam Baugh was 29 miles down at that point.? Then Sam completed one full lap and a partial lap to become the winner of the 24-hour race.? Unlike the rest of us Sam has the ability to come back at the end of a race after feeling bad and he looked very fresh at the awards ceremony.? Jeff Capp a complete new comer to 24-hour racing also completed 18 laps to acquire 360.18 miles, Jeff would have taken 2nd place, but due to heat and dehydration could not complete his final lap.? There were no teams, tandems or recumbents entered in the 24-hour race.

The 12-Hour Race

This race started at 7:00 a.m., May 17, 2003. Jim Deming led at the end of the first lap and every lap after that. ÊThere were two male/male teams, one female/female team, one mixed tandem team, and one female solo rider entered in the 12-hour race.

The 6-Hour Race

This race started at 1:00 p.m., May 17, 2003.? Brain Hosenbauer (X-Pro Triathlete) won the 6-hour with an average of over 20-MPH for this tough course.? 2nd place belonged to Jack Weiss at 57 years old, most of us only wish we could ride that fast. Lori Donavan won the female 6-hour with an impressive 5 laps. We had one mixed tandem team and two recumbents in the 6-hour event.


Each and every 24-hour entrant that competed will receive a custom medal with their name, date and mileage engraved on the back.? All 6 and 12-hour racers at the awards ceremony received a custom finishers medal.? Their were 16 trophies given out at the awards ceremony for 1st place male and female in the 6, 12, and 24-hour races, as well as 1st place teams, tandems, and recumbent divisions. One rider commented ãthat was by far the nicest trophy I have ever received and I have a bunch of them.äÊ There were 21, 1st and 2nd place age group medals awarded.? Approximately $400 of cash was awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers in the 6, 12, and 24-hour events, as well as the winners of primes in the 12 and 24-hour events.

Next Year

We had 50 racers this year, based on the approval rating we have received from all of our racers, we hope and plan on a bigger and better event next year, maybe 100 riders.? But we will need the help of all our volunteers and sponsors to make it happen.? Please take the time to help me thank them, it will not happen without them!

Race Day Pictures: Pictures of the race taken by New Hope Baptist church can be located on the web at We will also post some of our own pictures to the web-site soon.

Happy Trails,
Dan Driscoll

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