Thank you 2007 volunteers

2007 TTTT Volunteers

Todd Kalchbrenner was our 1st shift cook and kept all of the volunteers and most of the racers feed for two days with the help of Jim Manley (did you know he used to be a chef). Eunice Price showed up to lend a hand and take on the hungry volunteers. Not sure how they found us, but damn glad they did, thank you Tim and Stephanie Mathis, boy they know how to get it done.

Carl Funk brought the entire family out to play and also raced. If how you raise your kids is any measure of who you are, Carl and Martha are the best, as Carl Jr. was a joy to work with and a lot of help. Kellie Funk added some fun for me as I watched her play tirelessly out of the corner of my eye

Not to be out done Brad and Julie Flickner brought out their 3 kiddos, Lexie, Jennifer, and Jacob all of which helped out, Julie was my emergency rescue person, I knew when she took on a job, we did not need to look back, it was done.

Chris Hill raced and volunteered and also made the event a family affair, with his wife Bridget and son Jacob. Other Great and new volunteer that helped out tons was Cindy and Mike Edmison, John Droese, Stephen Hazelton, Greg Blanks, Julie Bratcher (thank you Julie), Jeff Elmer, Jerry Austin, Jordan Bowles, “Dad Bowles, David Boyd, Cheri Brown, Buddy Caldwell, Kathryn Colgiazier,

Cathy Davidson, Jason Humphrey, Martha Lewis, Bob Millay, Mark Poulson, Diane Murray, Mark Reuter, Gloria Munson, Kelly Phillips, Vickie Rigby, Richard Remm, Tom and Tula Rodgers, Sherwin Rubin, Rose Smith, Melissa Stricklin, and Michelle Willingham. Many helped out prior to the event so they could race, thanks Pat and Charlie Jenkins, Kenneth Jessett, and Steve and Peggy Petty. Thanks you all, The Time Trials is something near and dear to my heart and I am glad that so many of you think that it is a worthwhile cause. Very sorry if I forgot any one, and let me know if I did.

Happy Trails, DanD


2007 Volunteer List

Patty Abrego
Jerry Austin
Dennis Beasley
Donna Beasley
Jeff Brady
Cheri Brown
Jim Burrow
George Chapman
Jim Connally
Art Cowsen
Dan Driscoll
Steve Edwards
George Elizondo
Sweep Ellington
Michael England
Tommy Fitzgerald
Brad Flickner
Julie Flickner
Lexi Flickner
Bill Fox
Rani Freeman
Carl A. Funk
Carl W. Funk
Kellie Funk
Martha Funk
H.C. Gordon
Kate Hemenway
Lauren Hemenway
Leslie Hemenway
Sara Hencke
Rick Houle
Mary Jian
Michele Teresa Kurtz
Martha Lewis
Jim Manley
R.C. McFall
Ross Muecke
Stuart Nibbelin
Pat Nolan
Cupcake Phelps
Val Phelps
Cindy Phillippi
Greg Phillips
Terry Pickl
Mike Pluto
Mark Poulson
Becky Primeaux
William Pruett
Vickie Rigby
Tom Rodgers
Tuula Rodgers
Sherwin Rubin
Daniel Sanchez
Phil Schenk
Ashley Shirley
Linda Sims
Lanie Smith
Kalleen Whitford
Pam Wright

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