Thank you 2008 Volunteers

2008 TTTT Volunteers


Come play at The Texas Time Trials!!

This race could never happen without volunteers, and we had more this year than ever before, almost 100. We think it was because Kalleen was in charge of volunteers. Many of the volunteers took Thursday and Friday off of work, brought their sleeping bags and tents and camped out. Every year this becomes more and more like a reunion of old friends that get together to celebrate the sport they love and to see each other. Pam Wright is a great right hand woman and helps out long before the event sets up.

This years event may not have happened if not for Kalleen, who promised she would come up with volunteers to keep this race alive, even if she had to bribe them all. This is not her first Time Trial either she goes way back. Tommy Fitzgerald is another of our entire event volunteers, and he does not come out just for the free food, either.

George Evans did say he was there for the food. Brenda “Baby” Barnell was there to cheer on her friends. H.C. Gordon filled his long standing place in the TTTT history book, always the first to help out a rider in need. Bill Fox and Lanie Smith worked the computers for the better part of 3 days, as they have for years.

2008 Volunteers

Pat Jenkins
Charlie Jenkins
Kalleen Whitford
Bill Fox
Lanie Smith
Rose Smith
Tommy Fitzgerald
Pam Wright
Dan Driscoll
Rani Freeman
Vickie Tyer
Jorge Ruiz
George Evans
Tom Rodgers
Tuula Rodgers
Bud Baker
Rose Baker
Brad Flickner
Julie Flickner
Lexi Flickner
Mark Poulson
Tammy Fiset
Shawn Fiset
Shayn Fiset
John Droese
Rick Houle
William Pruett
Steve Edwards
Gloria Munson
Jerry Austin
Tommy Forsythe
Pat Nolan
Steve Petty
Peggy Petty
Kelly Phillips
Del Traffanstedt
H.C. Gordon
Bob Gracey
Bridget Hill
Jacob Hill
Eunice Price
Vickie Rigby
Sherwin Rubin
Paula Wilson
Brenda Barnell
Greg Blanks
Jordan Bowles
Julie Bratcher
Jennifer Brockett
Cheri Brown
Cathy Davidson
Jacob Brockett
Kathryn Colglazier
Cindy Edmison
Mike Edmison
Jeff Elmer
David Eubank
Jennifer Jones
Stuart Nibbelin
Melissa Stricklin
Michelle Willingham
Tim Mathis
Carl Funk
Chris Hill
Jim Bronson

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