Thank you 2009 volunteers!

2009 Volunteer Thank You

A big and very “sincere hug” and “thank you” to everyone at FWBA, LSR and the other North Texas Cycling Clubs who helped out. You guys “Rock the World”. The list of volunteers for this year’s Texas Time Trials is unbelievable. The Time Trials draws an “International Field” of racers. We had at least one racer from Denmark, Austria, and 25 different states including Alaska. Thank you all for helping to make a great first impression and making our legendary “Texas Hospitality” even more world renowned. You all helped create memories for others that will last a lifetime. If you would like to hear what the rest of the world is saying about what we already know (we have the best group of volunteers anywhere) you can log on to The Texas Time Trials Discussion list, and read your well deserved “Kudos”.
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When you see those really good looking orange TTTT T-shirts, please take the time to thank the sponsors on the back, especially Bicycles Inc. and Richardson Bike Mart who have been sponsors for the last seven years. They help pay for our shirts and TTTT Trophies.

Volunteers gave up time (huge amounts of time), sleep, and energy to make this year’s event the very best ever. Racers, raced for up to 48 hours, and we had volunteers there to support them the entire time, day and night. I asked many of our all-night volunteers when was the last time they stayed up all night. They laughed and said last year. Although we call this a race, it is more of a Woodstock on Wheels, a family reunion, uniting old friends and making new ones.

Jim Burrows told me he comes out to see all the pretty girls, but I know he has fun helping others. Jim and Sammy Bartholomew drove sag most of a night. Jerry Baughn kept time, “Corner Marshaled” and raced. She originally signed up for The 24 hour race, but tore a knee riding over a cat. Julie Bratcher, not only kept time forever, she smiled the whole time. Scooter Conner set up his motor home and “Corner Marshaled” the entire event with diesel powered flood lights and full service kitchen, no one missed that turn. Scooter still had the energy to race, before he passed out, but Pam, Kaleen and I woke him up and made him open the bar and serve us wine till 2:00a.m. He did it all and thanked us for the good time. Mike and Cindy Edmison got going way before the starters pistol was loaded, Cindy ran registration and Mike kept a watchful eye out to make sure nothing fell down the crack. Tommy Fitzgerald showed up to wake me up and get me on the road, helping to load ice chests and round up volunteers to get us to Glen Rose He also manned the start/finish as he has done for years. Rani Freeman stayed up all night keeping time after completing an Iron Man Triathlon earlier in the week. H.C. Gordon takes his volunteering personally; he removed a dead skunk from the middle of the road. That’s dedication! Martha Lewis made an impressive début by teaming up with Mary Alice Tudor for time-keeping, Corner Marshaling and cheerleading. Mark Poulson worked with Lannie and Bill Fox to tirelessly run the race computers and calm me when I worried about the computer crashing. Richard Remm, gave his new knees a workout Manning Corners and helping with everything. Sherwin Rubin gave again this year as he has in the past helping out at the time-keeping table. Linda Sims and Rose Smith manned the time table. Stuart and Anna Turnage were in charge of audio.

Special thanks to the R-Bent riders of our LSR club. They never cease to amaze me with their generosity. It was great to see Bud Baker. Paul Brown transported tents, swag, and jerseys from Dallas. Mark Hastings was amazing, he gave and gave, he would finish one task and be back for another. He did it all and had an entire race of work done before the start. Steve and Peggy did way more than their share; helping with sponsorship was just the start. Nelson’s contributions included dragging his only daughter out to sweep corners while he painted all the arrows and sprinkled the reflective glass beads on the wet paint. He also made that great “Transition Area Map”. Many thanks to John Schlitter for his sponsorship of The Texas Time Trials.

Thanks to Brenda for her time-keeping and happy face. It was really nice to see Don and Jane Ellington, who were coerced into driving down to autograph his newest book “Breaking Wind” for the raffle. Don just bought a bent and swears he will be back soon. Jeff Elmer did a double whammy by volunteering and racing. Thank you to George Evans. The Flickner Family was out in force, and has adopted the TTTT Sprint as their own, not to mention running the Awards Presentation. Mr. Bill Fox manned the race computer for one of the smoothest Awards Ceremonies ever! Thank you to Mark Hardwick. Steve Hazelton was another over the top TTTT Volunteer who was eager to do whatever he could. Pat and Charlie not only worked to get TTTT on as many websites as possible before the race, they manned a corner all day Saturday. Thank you Ryan Lange for all the great TTTT Photos over the past years. Todd Martin manned the website, a very important job.

Bob Millay was another “Great Help”. You know they have given their all when they ask if they can go home now with a totally glazed-over look in their eyes. Diane Murray made sure we did not go without cookies, brownies, and Rice Crispy treats. Pat Nolan helped out before and during and also raced. Val was our parking lot supervisor, and did a nice job. Thank you to Bruce Richards, for all the good help. Thank you to Del Traffanstedt. It was great to see Phil Schenk, who also helped with the time-keeping; he was one of the original LSR members. Vickie Tyre, was head cheerleader and motivator. Richard Whittenberg was a great help loading ice chests both before and during the event.

Words are not enough for volunteers Kalleen Whitford and Pam Wright. With girls like these who needs men, they both worked pre-event, all event, and raced, then still had the energy to be the last volunteers standing after I passed out, clean up was a whoop’n, we were out of want-to but they never slowed down and I think they are both still working now. I know I missed a few, please let me know who you are. I apologize, but appreciate everything all of you do to help our sport; we had a lot of world class athletes and a bunch of riders doing the first bike race of their life. What a great event when we have almost as many volunteers as we do racers.


• Jerry Austin
• Bud Baker
• Brenda Barnell
• Frank Barrow
• Sammy Bartholomew
• Mechelle Basped
• Julie Bratcher
• Jordon Bowles
• Vanessa Bowles
• Jacob Brockett
• Jennifer Brocket
• Paul Brown
• Emilio Canales
• Scooter Conners
• Dan Driscoll
• Cindy Edmison
• Don Ellington
• Jane Ellington
• Jeff Elmer
• George Evans
• Mike Edmison
• Adam Eyres
• Tommy Fitzgerald
• Brad Flickner
• Julie Flickner
• Lexi Flickner
• Tommy Forsythe
• Bill Fox
• Rani Freeman
• H.C Gordon
• Mark Gordon
• Bob Gracey
• Mark Hardwick
• Mark Hastings
• Sara Hencke
• Stephen Hazelton
• Rita Helton
• Leslie Hemenway
• Charlie Jenkins
• Pat Jenkins
• Vickey Kaftan
• Jessica Lagard
• Ryan Lange
• Jim Manley
• Todd Martin
• Robert Millay
• Gloria Munson
• Diane Murray
• Roger Myers
• Stuart Nibbelin
• Kate Nolan
• Lauren Nolan
• Pat Nolan
• David O’Conner
• Mark Poulson
• Peggy Petty
• Steve Petty
• Robin Phelps
• Val Phelps
• William Pruett
• Nelson Ralls
• Sarah Ralls
• Richard Remm
• Bruce Richards
• Sherwin Rubin
• Daniel Sanchez
• Phil Schenk
• Lanie Smith
• Linda Sims
• Rose Smith
• Charmaine Traffanstedt
• Odell Traffanstedt
• Taylor Traffanstedt
• Mary Alice Tudor
• Anna Turnage
• Stuart Turnage
• Paula Wilson
• Bob Whitford
• Kalleen Whitford
• Richard Whittenberg
• Pam Wright

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