Thank you 2012 volunteers!


Since when did “Volunteering” become a “Competitive Endurance Sport”? At many other events you have to beg people to show up, and when they do, it’s often half-hearted. Not The TTTT Volunteers. These folks want to be there, they want to help, they turn themselves inside out doing all they can do to make the event better for their fellow riders, and they push themselves. It’s a Volunteer endurance time trial of their own.

FWBA Volunteers were joined by Lone Star Randonneur Volunteers, members of the Tri-Junkies Triathlon Club and even some non-bike riding volunteers. We now have children of volunteers who are volunteering. Aspen Gregg, daughter of Darrell and Ann Greg, stayed up way past her bedtime to hula hoop for the enjoyment of the passing racers after dark while stationed mid-course at her R.V. We even had one former racer fly in from Alaska to Volunteer.

It really helps to have the same Volunteers come back every year; they already know the ropes. Susan Pogue helped setup over 250 TTTT Trophies for the Awards Bash. Bea Schindler worked the entire race doing everything. Stephanie Harnden can’t boil water but brought dinner out to all the volunteers. Lovely Linda Middleton worked some real magic with her camera.

I vote Diane Laughlin as our TTTT Rookie Volunteer of the year, she was incredible.

Every year before we even pick a date, we ask several “Key People” if they are “In”. One of those is Kalleen, who walks on Volunteer water, and we’d not want to do it without her.

It warms my heart to see so many people working so hard together to make something much bigger than any of us could alone.

TTTT Volunteers are world renowned. Our racers from England, Canada and most of the states now know what we have already known; Texas has super hospitality.

Thank you all, thank you very much, DanD


Volunteers List for 2012

Ray Allen
Adam Eyres
Frank Barrow
Sammy Bartholomew
Cathy Bartle
Jeri Baughn
Veronica Beagan
Ricardo Beltran
Pami & Russ Boozer
Jordan Bowles
Vanessa Bowles
Jim & Julie Bratcher
Cheri Brown
Kim Burns
Trisha Burns
Karen Burns-Lane
Buddy Caldwell
Bailey Campbell
Susan Caskey
George Chapman
Scooter Conner
Sandy Dalton
Jerry Debo
Naomi Dennis
Dan Driscoll
Cindy Edmison
George Evans
Charlie Fenske
Shawn Fiset
Shayn Fiset
Tommy Fitzgerald
Brad, Julie & Lexi Flickner
Tommy Forsythe
Bill Fox
Rani Freeman
Tony Goodnight
H.C. Gordon
Bob Gracey
Darrell, Ann and Aspen Gregg
Bob Hammond
Grant Hansen
Stephanie Harnden
Stephen Hazelton
Cress Heasley
Chip & Chris Hornbeck
Billy Huckaby
Denise Jenson
David Jinkerson
Howard & Vickey Kaftan
Arthur Lane
Mark Lane
Rosetta Lane
Diane Laughlin
Ski Lieske
Davis Lily
Brian Madison
Bryan McKenney
Linda Middleton
Bob Millay
Ryan Miller
Phil Moore
David O’Connor
Mike & Michaela Ostrander
Kelly Phillips
Terry Pickl
Susan Pogue
Mark Poulson
William Pruett
Susan Purdie
Becky Reilly
John Roberts
Sherwin Rubin
Kelley Russell
Daniel Sanchez
Phil Schenk
Bea Schindler
Tommy Simmons
Linda Sims
Danay Slaughter
Keith Smith
Lanie & Rose Smith
Sharon Stevens
Terri Tankersley
Joni Tooke
Keith Townsen
Mary Alice Tudor
Anna & Stewart Turnage
Vickie Tyer
Steve Upchurch
Jim West
Kalleen Whitford
Bob & Marlee Whitford
Richard Whittenberg
Chad Wilkes
Lucy Wilkes
Pam Wright

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