The 2012 6 hour Shoot Out

The 6 hour Shoot Out

Ron Woods 6 Hr Winner

Ron Woods 6 Hr Winner

The 6 hour Shoot Out was anything but dry during the race, but you should have seen the smiles. Shellene Foster/McKenney has the distinction of setting the only course record in the 6h hr race this year and won the Female Recumbent with 92.8 miles.

First place solo male was won by Ron Woods with 116.6 miles followed by 2nd place David Long, 3rd place Bill Sylvester and 4th place Jeff Fruit. Bryan McKenney won the male recumbent race and also The TUC 6 Hour.

Three time TTTT racer Veronica Beagan from Alaska won the 6 hour female race with 79.5 miles. Wendy Tuller earned 2nd and Sheri Smith 3rd.

Volunteers Extraordinaire Scooter Conner and Mary Alice Tudor, who manned the RV at corner # 5 for 42 hours prior to the start of their race, won the 6 hour Shoot Out Mixed Tandem. Thank you both for doing so much for everyone else and still racing.

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