The 2012 Tejas 500

The Tejas 500 saw its biggest solo field ever with 42 solo racers signed up. Of the racers that started, 33% DNF’d while 20 solo racers and one tandem team finished the 503 miles in 48 hours or less, qualifying for RAAM. Despite the rain on Saturday, four impressive course records were set.

Tejas 500 4-man team course record and Texas Ultra Cup winners.

Tejas 500 4-man team course record and Texas Ultra Cup winners.

The 4 man “Manly Bulge Cycling Club” gets older every year, but they also get faster. They broke their previous 2011 record and set a new course record by finishing the 503 miles in 25:20, almost 20 mph. This was their 6th Team Tejas 500 effort and while they were at it they also won The Overall TUC Open 4 Man Team Trophy.

RAAM legend George Thomas and teammate Mick Walsh easily set a new 2 man team record for The Tejas 500 with a time of 28:16. George still had mojo left to take center stage and do the emcee honors of hosting The TTT Awards Bash followed by an encore live podcast from his “Over the Top Radio Program”. Thank you George!

Guth’s Mixed Tejas 500 team course record.

George Thomas emcee and new course record for 2-man Tejas 500.


John and Nancy Guth drove 12 hours from Virginia and are no strangers to TTTT since this was their 4th. John first qualified for RAAM at TTTT in 2005. Although this was the first time John and Nancy have raced the new Glen Rose Course and the first time they have raced TTTT as a team, they sure didn’t appear to be having anything but fun while setting a new course record for a “Mixed 2 person Team”. The record of 503 miles in 29:12 may stand for quite some time.

Local favorite and winner of the 2011 and 2010 Tejas 500, Gary Gottlieb, decided to show his wife Dana how it was done. He strapped Dana on the back of their tandem for a 503 mile sleep depriving roller coaster ride in a record setting tandem time of 38:50

Dana & Gary set new Tejas 500 course record.


Solo male winner Jason Overbaugh, from Georgia, finished just 14 minutes shy of a course record with 28:30. Had it not rained, could he be holding a new course record? Last year’s TTTT Iron Butt 24 hr winner Greg Colvin took 2nd place this year with 30:54. Austin, Texas RBA Wayne Dunlap made Randonneurs proud with a 3rd place finish of 31:38. Wayne’s brother, wife and all 4 kids cheered him on for his 4th Tejas 500 finish. Tejas 500’s 2nd place finisher in 2011, Jose Bermudez, earned 4th this year, Chris Dobbs flew in from England to earn 5th and Ken Barrow, Randonneur from Houston, took 6th place honors. At age 64, Virgil Moehsmer has done 4 Tejas 500s, earning 7th place this year while also earning 1st Place TUC Overall Open Division with more total points than any other contender, big congrats Virgil. After meeting Jim Logan in France at PBP in 2011, he drove from Pittsburg to qualify for RAAM and earned 8th place. This was Jeff Newberry’s second Tejas 500 and as a Randonneur he knows how to make it look relaxed. Ray Allen who finished in 12th place was also at the very first TTTT in 2003, this was Ray’s longest ride of his life. Greg Hagele, Robert Brokaw, Gerald Huntley, Michael Sainz, Robert Riggs, James Young, Lee Meyer and Gary Smith also became qualified for RAAM with the accomplishment of a Tejas 500 solo finish.

Men’s Tejas 500 Podium.

Jim Logan

Vaune Davis 2nd Place Tejas 500

Leslie Caldwell, mother of 7, won the female solo race with 46:11. Randonneur Vaune Davis from Canada took a very proud 2nd place about 10 minutes later in her very first Ultra Race.

Special thanks to Team Awesome Foursome. These four guys have 26 TTTT races between them and what a great way to get together for a couple days every year.

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