The 2012 Texas Iron Butt 24 hour Race

The Texas Iron Butt 24 hour Race also had its share of Course Records, including male solo 397.5 miles, solo female 291.5 miles and 2 person mixed recumbent team 265 miles.

Men’s 24 Hour Podium

Men’s 24 Hour Podium


Chris Hopkinson
Chris Hopkinson
24 Hour Iron Butt winner and course record holder

The solo male Podium Photo on the TTT Stage shows three well known solo RAAM Racers standing proud, what a great race. Chris Hopkinson from England, racing his 3rd TTTT, took first place and set a course record for the Glen Rose Course with 397.5 miles to add to his course record for the old Cleburne Course. Iron Butt 2010 winner Kirk Gentle earned 2nd, with 7 time TTTT’er Dex Tooke taking 3rd, and 9 time TTTT’er Martin Hukle not only earning 4th place in the this year’s Iron Butt, but also earning 1st Place TUC 24 hour. These top 4 solo men racers have raced at TTTT for a combined number of 21 times. We thank all of TTTT Repeat riders so very much.



Women's 24 Hour Podium

Women’s 24 Hour Podium

The Iron Butt 24 hour female race was won by Amy Russell setting a course record of 291.5 miles and also winning the 1st Place TUC Open Female Division. Janet Foster earned 2nd place and also won 1st Place TUC 24 hour Trophy.

Two Person Mixed Recumbent Team “Kick Ass”, made up of husband and wife Steve and Peggy Petty won The Iron Butt Mixed Recumbent Team Race, setting a new course record with 265 miles and also won The TUC 24 hour Mixed Team Trophy. This is not their first TTTT record; Peggy holds the Tejas 500 and Sprint female recumbent course records. They have a combined total of 11 TTTT races.

We had a great 24 Hour 3 person male team race with team Grinning Idiots and Team Ironox dueling it out with the Grinning Idiots finishing 1st.

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