The 2012 TTTT 26.5 Mile Sprint

The 26.5 Mile Sprint

I was working hard, trying to get things in shape for the Awards Bash, bundled up and out of the rain under the pavilion, when Pam said, “Look at that, it’s unbelievable”. She was pointing to a long line of about 38 racers who were lined up in the pouring rain, awaiting the next 30 second start interval to count down so they could move up one notch closer to the start line and start their internal combustion motors to warm their bodies. Whatever the race might bring, it had to be better than standing in the rain waiting to race, right? Still so many of them were grinning. I could not stand it, if they were all out there; I needed to be out there cheering them on. I dropped what I was doing and marched back out into the rain to join the troops in the trenches, where I stayed until the last racer was launched.

John Eberle won the male solo with an impressive 23 mph, Steven Regaldo with a 22 mph average came in 2nd, Gary Barnes a close 3rd then Christopher Kellogg, who had just finished setting a course record with his winning 4 man Tejas 500 Team, averaged over 20 mph for his laps.

Merrie Wimmer won the Female Solo Race with Adrien Thom earning 2nd, and Anna Roe 3rd.

John Foote won the men’s solo recumbent race and Angie Torrey won the female recumbent race.

Bryson Parnell

Bryson Parnell

Stealing the show were the 12 year old Noel “Ben” Rodelo and 11 year old Bryson Parnell, both stars in their own right, and certainly the most enthusiastic I’ve ever seen a rider before starting a ride in the rain.



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