The Texas Ultra Cup Challenge Race Series


Denise & Rick Neptune the Texas Ultra Cup tandem winners

This was our inaugural year for “The Texas Ultra Cup Challenge Race Series”; (TUC) a series of 3 races including Bessie’s Creek, 24 Hours in the Canyon and finishing with The Texas Time Trials. The Texas Time Trial Awards bash was preceded by the TUC Awards Ceremony, in which Ryan Parnell (Race Director of 24 hours in the Canyon) and Pam Wright handed out some of the best looking Bike Trophies I’ve seen. To earn a TUC Trophy, racers would sign up for all three races and then compete to earn TUC Points based on distance and placing in any of 4 different divisions; 6 hour, 12 hour, 24 hour or “Open” (a mixture of different lengths of races).

We, as race directors, formed this TUC Race Series in an attempt to make Ultra racing more fun, more competitive, entice you to do more than one Ultra event a year, urge you to travel the great state of Texas, allow you to bond with fellow like-minded riders and to help grow the sport. By teaming up with comrades, sharing travel expenses and crew, maybe even a tent, we hope that friendships will be formed, memories created and a new high in Ultra riding achieved. Knowing that the team next to you will likely be at the next race in the series should help create more camaraderie. We feel The 2012 TUC has accomplished all this and more in 2012. Stay tuned as we plan to announce details of The 2013 Texas Ultra Cup Challenge Race Series soon.

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