The 2013 Texas Ultra Cup 6-Hour Race

The Texas Ultra Cup Race Series

6-Hour Division

Best of three of any 6-Hour events on the TUC calendar.

Bryan McKenney

Bryan McKenney, Wylie, TX, receives the TUC 6 hour Solo Male Overall Championship Trophy.  He road the TTTT 6-hour setting a course record on a single-speed bike.  He currently holds the course record for The Tejas 500 Solo Male Recumbent from 2009.  Bryan rode 24 Hours in the Canyon on a mountain bike and rode two of his races on a recumbent.

Susie Bowers

Susie Bowers from Decatur, Texas was the TUC Overall Champion 6-Hour Solo Female and received 2nd in the TTTT 6-hour Shoot Out.

Jackie Swift

Jackie Swift from Lorena, Texas pedaled to a 1st Place Bent TTTT 6-hour event establishing the course record while winning TUC 1st Place Solo Female Bent for the 6 hour Division.

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