Important Race Weekend Information

Texas Time Trial Racers,

Here is some information along with some of the standard reminders from years past.

Tejas 500 Racers with a 48 Hour Start – Your race will start at 6:00 pm on Thursday, September 18th. The mandatory pre-race meeting is at 5:45 pm.
Tejas 500 Racers with a 42 Hour Start – Your race will start at midnight on Thursday, September 18th. The mandatory pre-race meeting is at 11:45 pm.
Tejas 500 Racers with a 36 Hour Start -Your race will start at 6:00 am on Friday, September 19th. The mandatory pre-race meeting is at 5:45 am.

24 Hour Iron Butt Racers – Your race will start at 5:00 pm on Friday, September 19th. The mandatory pre-race meeting is at 4:45 pm.

12 Hour Shoot-Out Racers – Your race will start at 6:00 am on Saturday September 20th. The mandatory pre-race meeting is at 5:45 am. The “Tin Butt” starts in the dark. You should know the turns on the route, have lights and reflective gear or wait until daybreak.

6 Hour Shoot-Out Racers – Your race will start at 11:00 am on Saturday September 20th. The mandatory pre-race meeting is at 10:45 am.

Texas 26.5 Mile Sprint Racers – Your race will start at 3:00 pm on Saturday September 20th. The mandatory pre-race meeting is at 2:45 pm. Riders will be started at staggered intervals, probably 30 seconds apart. If you think it will take you over 3 hours to complete, you should start first, other than that we’ll start faster riders first.

24 Hour, 12 Hour and 6 Hour Prorated Laps – Technically this is not a pro-rated lap, but that’s what we have been calling it. It is a lap that you start before the end of your race, but do not complete until after your allotted time has expired. The person with the most laps wins, if two people have the same amount of laps the person who finished their last lap first wins. You will not be able to start a pro-rated lap after 5:00 pm. You must complete the entire lap to get credit for it. This last “Pro-Rated” lap often decides the winner of the race.

Trail LED – Trail LED will be out at The Time Trials to sell and rent lights if you need them. The prices to rent are $30.00 for the 24 hour event including second battery pack available for continuous use and $10 for the 12 hour event since it will basically be one hour of rental.
Live Results – Our timekeeping website is ready. Below is the link so that you may check and make sure that all of your information is correct. Please check your Name, Gender, Age Group, Event and Race Type (upright bike or recumbent bike). If there are any corrections, please let us know as soon as possible. This website may be accessed during the event to follow your progress and that of all your competition. This will be the most current information available. Please add this to your favorites now so you’ll have it on race day. You will be able to check the results directly from your smart phone since the timekeepers may not have the most current results readily available. Give this web address to your friends and family so they may check on you.

Registration – You will be able to sign in at the registration table under the pavilion, which is right next to the Sprint parking across Park Road from Sonic. Registration will open approximately 2 hours before every event.

Parking – Feel free to use the Glen Rose City Park parking lot for packet pick up, but do not leave your car parked in the Park parking lot while you are racing. These spaces are reserved for the Sprint Racers that will be arriving after you start your race. There will be racers on Van Zandt so please exit the park to the North and turn right on Hwy 67 then make your first right and park east of the Quality Inn Hotel. You are welcome to set up in the Pit Area along the race course, just be very careful of racers.

Chip Timing – You will be issued a race number with a chip. Feel free to check the chip as you line up for the pre-race meeting, it should chirp as you cross the start/finish line. Be careful, there are racers on the course racing. We ask that you slow down when crossing the start/finish line. Slower is safer and yields a better read rate for the computer. If you cross the start/finish during the race and you do not hear a chirp there’s a problem, try again, but look behind you first.

Waiver/Release – All racers, volunteers, crew, friends and family that attend the event will need to sign a waiver and a release on site. If you would like to print your forms ahead of time here is a link:

Race Numbers and Ribbon Colors – All racers will have a ribbon attached to the right side of their helmet. See below for the colors that correspond to each race. Additionally team racers will also have a pink ribbon. You will be given the ribbons and a race number at check-in. You will need to memorize your race number and call it out each time you pass the start finish line for your manual backup timing. You may want to write it on your hand. 

2014 Race Numbers and Ribbon Colors
Race Number series Ribbon Color
Tejas 500 500 series numbers Orange ribbon
Iron Butt-24 hour 200 series numbers Red ribbon
Tin Butt – 12 hour 100 series numbers Blue ribbon
6 hour Shoot Out 600 series numbers Green ribbon
26.5 Mile Sprint 1 or 2 digit numbers Yellow ribbon
*Teams – pink ribbon in addition to Race Ribbon

If you plan on bringing more than one bike, please let us know. We will show you how to move your number from one bike to another without destroying the chip.

Discussion Group – Remember to join The TTT Discussion Group to keep connected with other riders: TTTT Discussion Group. You can also go to our website and scroll to the bottom of the home page and see the Twitter feed, Facebook posts and the discussion group posts. . Please post your photos to Facebook for those who could not be here.

Photographs – Linda Middleton of Grace Photography will be photographing you for a fourth year. Here is a link if you would like to view or purchase Grace Photography pictures from 2013.   2013 Texas Time Trials

TTTT Jerseys – Mt Borah is making our TTTT Jerseys. Use the link to view/order jerseys. You can order a jersey, by clicking on the link, putting in the password TTT (all in caps), then choose your style and size and complete your order through the Mt Borah ordering cart. These are available at a great price and in women’s fit.
Password: TTT (password is in all caps)

Please show up prepared with your food, fluids, spare parts, spare lights, tires, tubes……

Look forward to seeing you,
Dan D

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