The 2014 Texas Ultra Cup Race Series Recap

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The 2014 Texas Ultra Cup Race Series Recap

The Texas Ultra Cup(TUC) is a series of 6 different races spread out across Texas and spread out through the year.  You only have to participate in three of any six of the TUC events to earn a TUC Trophy!  The Texas Ultra Cup was formed in an attempt to make Ultra racing more fun, add more camaraderie, prove that you do not have to win or be in the best shape of your life to have fun, build an Ultra Racing Family, add another Award to your Trophy case, entice you to do more than one Ultra event a year, urge you to travel this great state we call Texas, allow you to bond with fellow like minded riders and to help grow the sport. We feel The Texas Ultra Cup Challenge has the ability to do all this and more. By teaming up with your comrades, sharing travel expenses and crew, maybe even a tent, we hope that friendships will be formed, memories created and a new high in Ultra riding achieved. Knowing that the team next to you will most likely be at the next race in the series should create more camaraderie. To learn more about The Texas Ultra Cup and see the complete TUC results visit the webpage.

The 2014 TUC Trophy measures 7″ x 7″ x almost 17″ tall and includes logos for all six races in the 2014 Series; No Country for Old Men, The2014 Texas Ultra Cup Trophy Texas RAAM Challenge, Bessie’s Creek, Texas Ultra Spirit, 24 Hours in the Canyon, & The Texas Time Trials.

The Texas Ultra Cup Race Series-Open Division


The overall winner for the TUC Open Division is Norman Hageman, who put a few miles on his car and his bike by participating in 5 out of 6 TUC events, which is the most events attended by any TUC rider.  His final mile count for the 5 events is 1970.70 miles.  Way to go Norman!


The First Place Male Upright award in the Open Division goes to Jose Bermudez who received credit for nearly 1700 miles by participating in 4 of the 6 events. This is Jose’s fourth time attending The Texas Time Trials.

Jose Bermudez

The First Place Male Recumbent award in the Open Division goes to Ron Swift, who also received First Place Male Recumbent in The 2014 Tejas 500 by setting a new course record.

Ron Swift

The top five Male Open Division awards are rounded out with David Baxter (1538.85 miles) and Larry Eads (1097.46 miles).





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