2015 6-Hour Shoot-Out Recap

Texas 6-Hour Shoot Out

Seven solo males who participated in The Texas 6-Hour Shoot Out rode a pro-rated lap using every minute of their 6 hour limit.  The top 3 Solo Males made quit a race out of the 6-hour event finishing 106 miles each within less than a 15 minute window.

First Place Solo Male, Tyrone Dunson, rode 4 laps for a total of 106 miles in 5 hours 22 minutes.  Ruarri Day-Stirrat rode 4 laps in 5 hours 34 minutes adding to his Texas Ultra Cup total to achieve the Overall Champion in the Solo Male 6 Hour Upright division.  Ron Lillis (1st Place 60-64 age group) finished his 106 miles in 5 hours 36 minutes earning his 3rd Place TTT Solo Male Upright trophy.

6 Hour 1 - 2 - 3 - 4
After doing their pro-rated laps, 4th and 5th Place Solo Male Upright winners Tyler Thompson (1st Place 40-44) and Dale Cline (2nd Place 60-64) finished with a total of 101.54 miles and 96.09 miles, respectively.  Gerald Eddlemon, from Tennessee, finished 1st in his over 70 age group and 6th overall.  Justin Daniels, with B&B Bicycles a Texas Time Trials sponsor for 7 years, was the youngest solo male and finished 7th overall in the Solo Male Upright category and 1st in his 25-29 age group.

6 hour 5 6 7 8

Finishing out the top ten were Gary Kanaby, Robert Munger and Tibor Tamas.  Steve Nelson with Cycle Center Dallas rode to 1st Place in his 50-54 age group.  Also riding the 6-Hour event was Dennis Cook, 2015 TTT Hall of Fame Inductee. 

6 hour solo male 9  10  11  bent

For the second year in a row, Gabe Rodgers from Missouri rode to 1st Place Solo Male Recumbent in the 6-Hour Shoot Out.

First Place Solo Female, Jennifer Mix, rode 4 laps in a little under 6 hours and added 106 miles to her Texas Ultra Cup miles to become the Overall Champion in the Solo Female Upright 6-Hour Division.  Jennifer is also our current record holder for the Solo Female 6-Hour event with 106 miles in 5 hours 36 minutes.  Jaime Hollingsworth won 2nd place in the Solo Female Upright category with 79.5 miles in a little less than 5 hours.  MBBC’s own Cynthia Caruthers rode in at 3rd Place with 79.5 miles in 5 hours 16 minutes.

6 Hour Solo Female 1 2 3

Fourth Place Kristin Kuhn also rode 79.5 miles with a time of 5 hours 27 minutes.  Tracy Christenson, with Cycle Center Dallas, earned 5th Place and Debbie Breaud came in close behind at 6th Place.  Two more MBBC team members, Liana Randel and Allison Jones, finished 7th and 8th Place in the Solo Female Upright category.

6 hour solo female 4  5  7  8

Red’s Racing team members Carol Ambuhl and Martin Hukle finished with 106 miles for a new course record in the 2-Person Mixed Upright Team.  Their 4 laps were added to their Texas Ultra Cup mileage earning them an Overall Champion in the TUC 2-Person Mixed Upright Open Division.  Kalleen Whitford and Ben Rodelo, of the Silver & Streak team, finished 1st in their Mixed Tandem category and also won Overall Champion TUC 6-Hour Mixed Tandem division.


Thank you to all the Texas 6-Hour Shoot Out participants for a great ride.

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