2015 Oh!-Tex Recap

Oh! Tex

The Oh! Tex is an invitational that combines Ohio’s Calvin’s Challenge and The Texas Time Trials, recognizing individuals or teams that compete.  This is the second year Larry Graham, race director for Calvin’s Challenge and Dan Driscoll, race director for The Texas Time Trials have held the Oh! Tex Invitational.

The Overall Champion for the 2015 Oh! Tex Invitational is Barry Benson, from Ellicott City, Maryland with a total of 694.00 miles.  Barry rode 190.5 miles in the 12-hour event at Calvin’s Challenge on May 2 and 503.50 miles in The Tejas 500 at The Texas Time Trials starting on September 24.  This is the second year that Barry Benson has been the Oh! Tex Invitational Overall Male Champion.  Way to go Barry!

Barry BensonPascale Lercangee 2nd overal 1st 50-54 OhioThe Overall Female Champion is Pescale Lercangee, from Powell, Ohio with a total of 583.50 miles.  Pescale rode 239 miles in the 12-hour event at Calvin’s Challenge and 344.50 miles in The Iron Butt 24-Hour ride at The Texas Time Trials.  Right, is Pascale as she rides in The Texas Time Trials.  Welcome Pascale to the Oh! Tex Invitational family.

Oh! Tex winners also include Valerie Litznerski, last year’s Overall Champ with the 1st Place Solo Female Age Group 30-34 Award, Travis Stuckey with the 1st Place Solo Male 12-Hour Category Award, Dan Rocco with the 1st Place 12-hour category 50-54 Age Group Award and Thomas Niccum 1st Place 12-hour category 55-59 Age Group Award.  Additional awards went to Ed Melton, David Towns, Gerald Eddlemon, Meta Minton, Wendell Rhodes, Lynn Howard and Gabe Rodgers.

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An Oh! Tex Invitational award is presented to each racer that participated in both the Calvin’s Challenge and The Texas Time Trials Events.  If you would like one of these eye-catching plaques for your trophy case, sign up for both events in 2016.  No additional fee or paperwork is required.  The Texas Time Trials is set for September 22-24, 2016 and Calvin’s Challenge will be held April 30, 2016.Accent Awards Design ver 2 Driscoll-OhTex2015 11-11-15

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