2015 Ultra 500 Recap

2015 Ultra 500 Recap

In  2013, the Ultra Race Directors Committee and The Texas Time Trials announced a new program to recognize ultra racers willing to push their endurance limits by finishing two or more 500 mile races in one calendar year.

Norman Hageman won the 2015 Ultra 500 Mile Race Challenge by completing his second 500 mile event at The Texas Time Trials.  Congratulations to Norman in being the top dog in this mighty challenge.   The 1st ever female to win the Ultra 500 Mile Race Challenge is Sarah Cooper who also completed her second race at The Texas Time Trials.  Solo racers Matthew Frederick and Seana Hogan both finished two races and receive Ultra 500 Challenge accolades. The Ultra 500 Challenge 2015 Results PostFour-man team MBBC Racing become the first 4-person team to achieve Ultra 500 Challenge honors completing 2 races in 2016. Congrats to Tony Hopkins, Chris Kellogg, Nathan Scaggs and Bill Viering.

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Start making your plans for The Ultra 500 Challenge 2016.  What a terrific goal to complete two or more 500 miles races and be a member of this exclusive group!  For more info go to the UMCA site or follow this link for rules and information:  https://tt24tt.com/texas-ultra-cup-challenge

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