2015 Tin-Butt 12-Hour Recap

Tin Butt 12 Hour

Entries for The Tin Butt 12-Hour event came from all over the U.S covering 10 separate states and from as far away as New Jersey and Nebraska to ride through the scenic rolling hills near Glen Rose.

Five-time TTTer Tom Rodgers won the 1st Place Solo Male category by riding 212 miles in 11 hours 47 minutes; close to the course record.  Also riding 212 miles in 11 hours 58 minutes was Mark Metcalfe in his 8th appearance at The Texas Time Trials.  Third place rider Brandon Watling also place 1st in his 35-39 age group.  4th Place Travis Stuckey, from Nebraska, placed 2nd in his 35-39 age group and received the Overall Champion 12-Hour division in The Texas Ultra Cup.  Eugene Mazzurana (1st Place 50-54 age group) and Dan Rocco from Florida (2nd Place 50-54) both rode 6 laps for a total of 159 miles.

12 Hour 1 - 2 - 4 - 5 - 6Armand Zantman placed 7th in the Solo Male category adding 159 miles to his Texas Ultra Cup and received 3rd place in the 12 Hour Solo Male TUC division.  Michael Padgett (1st place 65-69) and Roger Heard (3rd Place 50-54) earned 7th and 8th Place.  Thomas Niccum, from New Jersey, rounded out the top ten with 5 laps for 132.5 miles.  Richard Wharton finished 1st in the 45-49 age group and was out in force with the folks from his Cycling Center Dallas, a complete fitness studio with personal trainers and triathlon coaching.  Ed Melton from Indiana earned 1st Place in his 70+ age group.  The Solo Male category had 5 riders in the 50-54 age group, 5 riders in the 55-59 age group and one rider each in the 65-69 and 70+ category.  Very impressed with this anti-aging fitness.solo males 8 -9-10-11-13 The Solo Female category was a close race with 1st and 2nd Place Elaina Rowe, with MBBC Racing, and Lisa McCabe both rode 132.5 miles while 3rd and 4th Place Tracy Sorensen and 5-time TTT’ er Meta Minton (from Florida) both completed 79.5 miles.  Tracy Sorensen added her mileage to her Texas Ultra Cup standing and received Overall Champion for the 12-Hour Solo Female division.

Solo Female 1 -2 - 3

The 1st Place 2-Person Male Upright Team Short Pull with Carey Allen and Vincent Miller rode 210.13 miles including their pro-rated lap in their 12 hour limit.  Second Place 2-Person Upright Team Texas Flyers with Darin Fredde and Ron Harvot completed 6 laps as did the 2-Person Mixed Upright team of Jeremy (9-time TTT’er) and Kristin Davis (3-time TTT’ er).


Thank you to all the Tin Butt 12-Hour participants and their crew for a safe and fun event.

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