2015 Tejas 500 Recap

Tejas 500

Our premier event, The Tejas 500, was quite an event to watch or participate in this year.  We usually have two or more solo males that ride a very close race all the way to the end or two or more females that are neck and neck down to the finish.  This year the top solo female was in direct competition with the top two solo males.  All three finished within a ninety minute window.

Andrew Willis from Austin won The Tejas 500 in 28 hours 53 minutes capturing the Solo Male First Place trophy.  And close behind Iowa’s own Sarah Cooper earned 1st place Solo Female and shattered the old course record for The Tejas 500 Solo Female category by riding 503.5 miles in 29 hours 21 minutes on her first ever event at The Texas Time Trials.  She beat the previous Solo Female course record by over 6 hours.  Finishing at 2nd place for the Solo Male category was Julian Eisenbeis who traveled all the way from southern Germany to compete and finished in 30 hours 14 minutes.

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Calista Phillips who came down from Maryland finished 2nd Place in the Solo Female Category.  Third Place solo male was Texan John Evans who also placed 1st in the 50-54 age group.  Solo Male 3rd and 4th place were Bruce Woodard (1st Place 55-59 group) of Iowa and Norman Hageman (2nd Place 50-54 category) who also won Overall Champion in The Texas Ultra Cup Solo Male Open Category.

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Greg Hagele, from Nebraska, rode to 6th Place overall and 1st Place in his age group of 45-49.  Julio Salazar (3rd Place 50-54) and Danny Bishop (4th Place 50-54) placed 7th and 8th while Nebraska’s Barry Benson (2nd Place 55-59) followed at 9th place overall.  Rounding out the top 10 Solo Males was Kent Kuddes, who earned 5th Place in the 50-54 group.

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It is amazing that we had 5 finishers in the Solo Male 50-54 age group, 2 in the Solo Male 55-59 age group and a DNF rate of 0% for the Solo Female category.  We had a typical 33% DNF rate for the Solo Male category.

MBBC Racing teammates, who hold the course record from 2012 for The Tejas 500 4-Person Male team, completed 503.5 miles with team members Nathan Scaggs, Chris Kellogg, Tony Hopkins and Bill Viering.  Three of the four team members have between 5 and 9 years participating in The Texas Time Trials.   Looks like there is a future Hall of Famer in the group. Pics for FB - Copy (3)

We think the Tejas 500 team event is the most fun way to enjoy The Texas Time Trials.  For a 4-person team, each rider logs 125 miles each in 2 days or less to complete the event.  A terrific way to spend a weekend in late September.  What 3 riders would you pick to be on your team?

Congratulations and thanks to all the Tejas 500 finishers for a terrific event!


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