2015 Iron-Butt 24-Hour Recap

Iron Butt 24 Hour

The 2015 Iron Butt drew the largest number of participants ever!  A total of 22 solo males including two international participants, 7 solo females lined up at the start.  There were a total of 19 team members.  The Iron Butt drew folks from a total of nine different states.  New course records were set in the Solo Male Upright, Solo Female Upright, 4-Person Male Upright and 4-Person Mixed Upright categories.  We had a new bike category, “Velomobile” and a course record set.  Who lines up to the start of this hill fest on a Velomobile?  Doug Davis, that’s who!

Five-time Texas Time Trials attendee Chris “Hoppo” Hopkinson from North Yorkshire, United Kingdom beat his own course record from 2012 with 397.5 miles in 23 hours and 39 minutes.  Hoppo also won Overall Champ for the 24 Hour Texas Ultra Cup Solo Male Division with 1268 miles in three 24 Hour events.

1 2 3 solo males (604x301)

Pushing Hoppo all the way was David Baxter with 388.67 miles, 2nd Place overall and 1st Place in the 24 Hour Texas Ultra Cup.  Kyle Keeter came in 3rd overall and 1st in his 55-59 age group.  Fourth and fifth place were earned by Jason Turner (1st Place 40-44) from Colorado and Richard Stum(1st Place 60-64) from Utah.  Mark McGraw (1st Place 50-54) from Arkansas and Richard Fox (2nd55-59) rolled in at 6th and 7th Place.  Rounding out the top 10 overall were Rich Nicholson (3rd Place 55-59), Scott Anderson (2nd Place 50-54) and Hall of Famer Michael Screws (4th Place 50-54).  A surprising eight solo males in the 50-54 age group and seven solo males in the 55-59 age group rode in the Iron Butt.  Domingos Pandelo flew in all the way from Brazil and promises to be back next year with his family.

4 5 7 solo male

First Place Solo Male Bent was five-time TTTT’er David Towns from Illinois, 1st Place Solo Male Velomobile was Doug Davis and 1st Place Single Speed was James Hahn, course record holder.  James also won Single Speed Overall Champion in the 24-Hour Division with 765 miles.  Yes, 765 miles on a Single Speed!!

Solo Male bent velo ss

Alison Carey from Louisiana set a new course record with her 1st Place Solo Female performance of 344.5 miles in 22 hours 51 minutes.  Arriving less than 30 minutes after and also beating last year’s course record was Pascale Lercangee from Ohio who rode 344.5 miles in 23 hours 13 minutes.  Coming in at 3rd Place was Amy Russell who also received 1st Place in the Texas Ultra Cup 24 Hour Solo Female category.  Fourth Place was Valerie Litznerski from Michigan who rode 318 amazing miles after being rear-ended by car several days before the event.  Dorothy Moman drove in from Oklahoma

Solo Females

Chain Reaction Racing had a superb event setting two new course records with an all-male upright team and a mixed upright team.  Chain Reaction men’s team with Quintin Boehmisch, Michael Ringer, Barry Shaw and Michael Talifero rode 440.73 miles in 24 hours.  Chain Reaction’s mixed team of Lisa Bick, Tom Bick, James McMasters and Russ Trobaugh completed 401.58 miles in 24 hours.  Both Chain Reaction teams won Overall Champs in their Texas Ultra Cup categories.Chain Reaction small

MBBC Dirty Bulge came in 2nd Place in the 4-Person Mixed Team category and won Overall Champion in The Texas Ultra Cup 24 Hour Division with Chris Allsbury, Tom Guess, David Presley and Michelle Reyero while also having fun at Camp Bulge.  First Place 3-Person Mixed Team was The Cyclotic Trio of Garrett Hardy, Sheri Smith and Hillary Whitehead.

bulge and cyclotic

Thanks to all the Iron Butt 24-Hour participants for a great event and we hope to see you next year!

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