2015 Texas Ultra Cup Recap

2015 Texas Ultra Cup Recap

Open Division

Over 60 Texas Ultra Cup Trophies were given out at The Texas Time Trials awards ceremony on September 26 in The 2015 Texas Ultra Cup’s 4th year.  The Texas Ultra Cup actually started back in October of 2014 when riders started racking up miles at No Country for Old Men.  After that, riders moved on to The RAAM Texas Cycling Challenge, Bessie’s Creek, Texas Ultra Spirit, 24 Hours in the Canyon and The Texas Time Trials in Glen Rose.  This year’s TUC Results are posted at https://tt24tt.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/2015-TUC-Final-Results-9-30-15.pdf


Norman Hageman won Overall Champion in the TUC Open Category by riding in the longest available race in all 6 events including the 1000 mile race at NCOM.  Norman rode 3223 miles topping his 2014 Overall Open Champion total of 1970 miles by 1253 miles.  That’s a lot of miles and sets the bar pretty high for next year!!  The 1st Place Solo Male Upright Open award went to Jose Bermudez who rode 4 of the 6 events to complete 1704 miles.  Jose was the Open TUC 1st Place Solo Male Upright winner in 2014 with 1700 miles.  Norman and Jose also finished solo RAAM in 2015.  Second Place Solo Male Open award went to Dustin Dinh.  Andrew Willis the Tejas 500 Solo Male Upright 1st place winner earned the 3rd Place Solo Male Open division TUC trophy with 1381 miles only 11 miles less than Dustin Dinh.  John Evans received 4th place in the TUC Solo Male Open division.  Second-time TUC trophy recipients Thomas Busch, Barry Benson and Gary Epple placed 4th, 5th and 6th in the TUC Solo Male Open division

Solo Open

First Place Solo Male Recumbent award went to Alan Johnson who traveled to Texas from Arizona, rode in all 6 events to finish with 1286 miles and received his second TUC trophy.

Lisa Anderson earned the top spot for the Solo Female Open Category and received her second TUC trophy.  Team Red’s Racing comprised of Carol Ambuhl and Martin Hukle completed several of the events and finished with the Overall Champion 2-Person Mixed Open Team.  Rhonda Green and Lisa Tilley rode four events as a team and won the Overall Champion 2-Person Female Open Team as MBBC – “Suck It Up Buttercups”.

open female and 2 teams

Another MBBC Racing team of Tony Hopkins, Chris Kellogg, Nathan Scaggs and Bill Viering won the 4-Male Open Team Overall Championship trophies for the third time since TUC started.

Pics for FB - Copy (3)

Team Chain Reaction members Quintin Boehmisch, Kim Gama, James McMasters, Tom Bick, Lisa Bick, and David Oviatt earned Overall Champion for a 4-Person Mixed Team in the Open Division. Team Chain Reactin Mixed Open

24-Hour Division

Unlike the Open Division where all the races are added together, the 24 Hour, 12 hour and 6 hour divisions use the best of 3 races even if a racer competes in more.  The 24 Hour category’s highest Solo Male Upright award was given to Chris Hopkinson from the United Kingdom for 1870 miles.  Receiving his third TUC trophy David Baxter earned the First Place Solo Male Upright 24 Hour Division a total of 1162 miles.  First Place Solo Male Single Speed went to James Hahn for 765 miles.  Second Place Solo Male Upright went to Richard Nicholson for 1066 miles.  Richard Fox and Scott Anderson received 3rd and 4th place in the 24 Hour Solo Male Upright category followed by Larry Eads and David Shortes at 5th and 6th.

24 hour solo males

Amy Russell won Overall Female Champion in the 24 hour category and received her 4th TUC trophy.  Chain Reaction, with another Texas Ultra Cup win, received their Overall Champion 24 Hour 4-Male Upright Division with team members Quintin Boehmisch, Michael Ringer, Barry Shaw, Russ Trobaugh, Eddie Hernandez and Michael Talifero.

Amy russell and MbbcTeam Cyclotic Trio made up of Garrett Hardy, Sheri Smith and Hillary Whitehead earned Overall Champion 3-Person Mixed Upright 24 Hour Division.  Adding to the Manly Bulge Bicycle Club’s TUC trophy haul, the Dirty Bulges Team of Chris Allsbury, Tom Guess, David Presley, Michelle Reyero, Joseph Kautz and Michael Holder took home the 4-Person Mixed Upright Team 24 Hour Division top honor of Overall Champions.

Cyclotic and MBBC Dirty Bulges 24 hr

12-Hour Division

 Overall Champion for the 12 Hour Solo Male Category was Travis Stuckey from Omaha Nebraska for 630 miles.  First Place 12 Hour Solo Male Division was Michael Screws at 557.95 miles followed very closely by MBBC member David Tumlin with 556.00 miles.  Third and Fourth Place 12 Hour Solo Upright Males Armand Zantman and Roger Heard also finished very close with only 12 miles difference.

12 hr tuc solo

Solo Female 12 Hour Overall Champion went to Tracy Sorensen.  Another MBBC Team, Ladies Daring Greatly, of Cynthia Caruthers and Elaina Rowe won Overall Champion in the 12 Hour 2-Person Female Team Division.

12 Hr female and team6-Hour Division

The top award in the 6 Hour Solo Male division went to Ruarri Day-Stirrat with 318 miles.  Jens Stubblefield received 1st Place in the Solo Male Upright division.  The 6-Hour Solo Female Overall Champion trophy was earned by Jennifer Mix who earned her second TUC trophy with 303 miles.  Rounding out the 6-Hour category was the first TUC tandem team of Silver and Streak comprised of Kalleen Whitford and grandson Ben Rodelo who won Overall Champion in their division.6 hour pics

Did you see those awesome Texas Ultra Cup Trophies?  If you didn’t receive one, don’t worry it’s easy and you will have another chance.  All you have to do is 3 races.  Do them solo or with a team.  Or do all 6 events for the 2016 Texas Ultra Cup.  Texas Ultra Cup is a must do for 2016!  See the website for more details:  https://tt24tt.com/texas-ultra-cup-challenge/

Congratulations to the 2015 Texas Ultra Cup Trophy recipients for riding almost 36,000 miles on Texas roads to earn all those TUC awards.

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