2016 26.5 Mile Sprint

2016 26.5 Mile Sprint

To grow the sport of Ultracycling an event needs to be inclusive not exclusive.  This is the basis upon which we founded TTT over 14 years ago.  This year was a great example of the Woodstock approach we’ve always strived for.  A combination of World Class Athletes and the girl next door doing her first Ultracycling event out on the course together and enjoying each other’s company.  Forty riders completed the 26.5 Mile Sprint in 2016 setting three new course records.






For the Sprint, there are very fast riders who finish the lap in a little over an hour while first time folks, who take longer, earn their trophy all the same.  There was an approximate two and a half hour difference between the longest and the shortest finish times.  Coming in with the quickest time in 2016 is Solo Upright Male Tyrone Dunson from Denton, Texas at 1 hour 9 minutes.  Followed by Solo Upright Recumbent rider Steven Olsen from Inverness Florida who set a new Solo Male Recumbent Course Record with a 1 hour 11 minute finish.  Rounding out the top five Solo Male Upright division are Cezar Sandu (1 hour 12 minutes), Joe Escano (1hour 19 minutes), 2016 Hall of Fame Inductee Nathan Scaggs (1 hour 20 minutes) and John Peters (1 hour 34 minutes).






The top Solo Female Upright division leaders were Eva Mackowski, Michelle Reyero, Kathy Day and Debbie Jackson.  Several teams rode in the Sprint this year including the 2-Person Female Upright team, Alibeck, made up of Allison Freeman and Becky Reilly who set a new course record in their division.  Volunteers and Scooter’s corner mainstays Mary Alice and Scooter Conner rode in the 2-Person Tandem category along with volunteers Ski Lieske and Nancy Turner who competed as Team Skidaddle, a 2-Person Upright Mixed team.  Longtime volunteer Mike Ostrander rode with his daughter Michaela Ostrander in a 2-Person Upright Mixed team.  Mike has been volunteering at TTT almost since the beginning and brought Michaela out to the event when she was just a baby.  Now she is riding with her dad in the Sprint!!  Another rider and volunteer who brings out the family is Keith Smith who set a Course Record riding his triple bike with daughters Naomi and Ruth Smith.





It was a real pleasure to have some under 20 riders this year.  Brothers Coty and Chaffon Kersey rode the Sprint while their dad, Sam Kersey, was busy riding on The Chain Grinders 12-Hour team.  Another under 20 rider was 8-year old Matthew Davis, son of TTT Hall of Famer Jeremy Davis and Sprint rider Kristen Davis and grandson of TTT Hall of Famer Dennis Cook and Sprint rider Ray Brown.  Sounds like Matthew has some real bike riding genes!  Congratulations to all Sprint finishers for a ride well done.slide4

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