2016 Course Records

The Texas Time Trials Course Records

Course Records are now posted and TEN were set in 2016.  The 4-Person Mixed Upright Team “Three Dicks and a (Shut Up Cancer!) Chick” made up of John Evans, John Pecot, Darci Scott and Eric Smernoff rode the Tejas 500 in 27 hours which beat the previous record by almost two and a half hours.slide1

Sarah Cooper from Iowa rode 424 miles and busted the old solo female Iron Butt 24-Hour record by 79.5 miles (or 3 laps).  Sarah is a true phenom and her course record beats all the other 24-Hour records including teams, except for the 4-Man Team.  It takes 4 men to beat Sarah!  She set and still holds the Tejas 500 course record.  “Chain Reaction Racing” set a new record by riding 448 miles in 24 hours.  Team members include Quintin Boehmisch, Stephen Hazelton, Michael Talifero and Nathan Valdez.  They improved on their own course record from last year by 8 miles.

Riding in the Tin Butt 12-Hour Race Jon Isom from Austin completed 231.88 miles beating the old course record from 2013.  A new 3 Female Upright Team record was achieved by cycling mates Shannon Dailey, Leslie Haas and Sara Underwood under the team name “Pink Panther/CorioVelo”.  They completed 185.5 miles in 12 Hours.  The “Chain Grinder’s” Mixed Upright Team made up of Todd Barta, Sam Kersey, Janet Lee and Marlena Nel also set a new course record in the 12 Hour event by riding 173.91 miles.slide2

A 6-Hour Shoot Out record was set by Rich Putich from Florida in the recumbent category by riding 110.54 miles.  Rich also holds the 12 Hour Recumbent Course Record set in 2014.  Steven Olsen set a Recumbent Course Record, but this one was in the 26.5 Mile Sprint.  Allison Freeman and Becky Reilly’s 2 Female Upright Team, “Allibeck”, achieved the fastest 26.5 Mile Sprint in their category by finishing in 1 hour 44 minutes.  Volunteer Keith Smith along with daughters, Ruth and Naomi set the course record on their triple bicycle.  Congratulations to all the Course Record Setters! slide3

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