2016 Volunteers

2016 Volunteers

With so many super awesome wonderful (there are not enough superlatives!) volunteers, where do we start?  Let’s go through the event as rider does and see all of the support and Texas hospitality that they receive.  When a rider arrives at the event, they head over to registration first and will find Pam Wright, who runs registration and knows, well, pretty much everything TTT.  If you have a question, Pam will surely have an answer.  This is Pam’s eleventh year volunteering at Texas Time Trials.  Working with Pam the entire event at registration are Bea Schindler (6 yrs) and first timer and entire event volunteer Susan Tamas. What a terrific crew!  Also helping at registration are repeat volunteers Blanca Gonzales and Vickie Tyer, who did a great job posting on the TTT Facebook page.  Thanks to Registration for being the point of contact for all riders, crews and volunteers.

After the racer checks in their information is passed to the guys who work the computers to run the timekeeping side of the event.  Bill Fox, the most senior of all volunteers with 13 years, and returning volunteer Gary Gottlieb (4 yrs) have the timekeeping down to a science.  Bill Fox also gives the pre-race briefing to make sure all racers are reminded of the rules and starts each event on-time.


While waiting at the race start to begin the racers get to meet the volunteers who do the tracking of each passing of each bike.  At Timekeeping we have a terrific group of longtime volunteers including nighttime timekeepers Vanessa Bowles (8 yrs), Tommy Fitzgerald (11 yrs) and Buddy Caldwell (8 yrs) who burn the midnight oil.  The daytime crew includes Frank Barrow (6 yrs), Marti Lewis (6 yrs), Bob Millay (8 yrs), Sherwin Rubin (10 yrs) and Karen Yandell (5 yrs).  All of the timekeepers have this job down perfect.  Who can write down every rider, every lap and not make any mistakes??  Grade given:  A++

Heading out at the beginning of each event, to lead the riders, is a SAG driver, from our super SAG crew.  Usually this is the SAG Crew Chief Sammy Bartholomew (8yrs) or Ski Lieske (5 yrs) in his classic little red convertible.  Thanks Sammy for coordinating the best SAG group!  There are drivers on the course the entire event, day or night.  Our super SAG team includes Frank Barrow, H.C. Gordon (11yrs), Mike Ostrander (8 yrs), Phil Moore (7 yrs), Richard Remm (6 yrs), Jerry Debo (6 yrs), Barry Dorsch (4 yrs), Michael Padgett (1st yr!), Terry Willingham (2 yrs), Charlie Fenske (5 yrs) (and Buddy Caldwell.  Thank you to all the SAG drivers for keeping our riders safe!

As the riders make the lap, they will notice a nice spot on the course we call Scooter’s Corner which is named for Scooter Conner (6 yrs) who parks his camper out on the course with wife, Mary Alice Tudor Conner (8 yrs) to provide assistance during the event.  The Conner’s have their own volunteer crew including Diane Reuter (9 yrs), Larry Strong (1st yr), Adrienne King (1st yr) and Misty Williamson (1st yr).

While the riders are out on the course, there is a whole bunch of work being done back at the Start to prepare for the awards dinner.  Long-time volunteer family members (12 yrs), Brad, Julie and Lexi Flickner are busy setting up and organizing trophies and taking care of everything else related to the Sprint ride and the Awards Dinner.  Before the Flickner’s arrive early Saturday morning, other volunteers have been busy setting up the stage and putting out tables and chairs.  The stage set-up guru and jack-of-all-trades Kalleen Whitford (11 yrs) even brings out flowers to beautify the surroundings.

There are many volunteers that prepare for the event before the event begins.  Keith Smith (6 yrs) is out on the course making sure everything is in good order plus working a corner with his family to watch out for the riders and cheer them on.  Stephen Hazelton (5 yrs) brings a couple of bags of asphalt to file holes and spray paint to mark other hazards. Then there are folks setting up tents, unloading supplies, hanging banners, coordinating parking, stuffing goody bags, and doing all sorts of things that aren’t even on the radar.  These hard-working folks include David Hall (1st time!), Nancy Turner (2 yrs), David Murray (3 yrs), Mark Lane (3 yrs), David Towns (3 yrs), Dan Sarine (1st year!) Denis Kervella (1st time!), Tommy Simmons (6 yrs), Dana Pacino (4 yrs), Tibor Tamas (1st yr!), Daniel Sanchez (7 yrs), Jordan Bowles (7 yrs), Naomi Dennis (5 yrs), and Dan Driscoll (13 yrs!!).

There are not enough words to appropriately thank all of the terrific volunteers that come out every year and truly make this event for all the riders.  If we made an error on years of service, please accept our apologies for bad record keeping.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

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