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2016 24-Hour Iron Butt Event

24-Hour Iron Butt Event Friday afternoon at 5pm, 23 racers lined up to ride as far as they could for 24 hours.  And boy did they ride!  With a total of all solo riders and teams, 34 riders rode over 6800 miles in 24 hours.  At the top of the heap, Sarah Cooper from Iowa […]

2015 Iron-Butt 24-Hour Recap

Iron Butt 24 Hour The 2015 Iron Butt drew the largest number of participants ever!  A total of 22 solo males including two international participants, 7 solo females lined up at the start.  There were a total of 19 team members.  The Iron Butt drew folks from a total of nine different states.  New course […]


The 2013 Iron Butt 24 Hour Time Trial

Iron Butt 24 Hour Time Trial TTTT 24 Hour Iron Butt podium photo includes Solo Female winners, Amy Russell, Ingrid Hillhouse, Mary Gosling and Dawn Fichtener 24 Hour Mixed Tandem, Stephen Hazelton & Sharon Stevens won 1st place for their division and set a new course record. Team Loco-Motion. Tom Robertshaw, First Place 24 Hour […]

The 2012 Texas Iron Butt 24 hour Race

The Texas Iron Butt 24 hour Race also had its share of Course Records, including male solo 397.5 miles, solo female 291.5 miles and 2 person mixed recumbent team 265 miles.   Chris Hopkinson 24 Hour Iron Butt winner and course record holder The solo male Podium Photo on the TTT Stage shows three well […]

The 2011 Texas Time Trials

2011 Texas Time Trials by Pam Wright Yep, it was a great September day in Glen Rose, Texas, especially for a bike ride, so it must be even better for a 500-mile bike race called the “Tejas 500” and to really max out the “Fun-O- Meter,” we’re going to do it in less than 48 […]

The 2010 Texas Time Trials

The 2010 Texas Time Trials Race Report If one word could sum up The 2010 Texas Time Trials, it would be “Eclectic“. The people who showed up to race, volunteer and sponsor this year’s race were as different as their personal reasons for being involved with this event. While we enjoyed an extremely diverse group […]