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2016 26.5 Mile Sprint

2016 26.5 Mile Sprint To grow the sport of Ultracycling an event needs to be inclusive not exclusive.  This is the basis upon which we founded TTT over 14 years ago.  This year was a great example of the Woodstock approach we’ve always strived for.  A combination of World Class Athletes and the girl next […]

2015 26.5 Mile Sprint Recap

26.5 Mile Sprint On a gorgeous day in late September over 25 riders lined up to ride one lap on The Texas Time Trials course.  After everyone finished 5 new course records were set and goals were achieved. The top 4 Solo Male Upright Sprint racers finished within less than two minutes.  Three time TTT’er […]

The 2012 TTTT 26.5 Mile Sprint

The 26.5 Mile Sprint I was working hard, trying to get things in shape for the Awards Bash, bundled up and out of the rain under the pavilion, when Pam said, “Look at that, it’s unbelievable”. She was pointing to a long line of about 38 racers who were lined up in the pouring rain, […]

The 2011 Texas Time Trials

2011 Texas Time Trials by Pam Wright Yep, it was a great September day in Glen Rose, Texas, especially for a bike ride, so it must be even better for a 500-mile bike race called the “Tejas 500” and to really max out the “Fun-O- Meter,” we’re going to do it in less than 48 […]

Cyclist wins Texas endurance race after passing out

Cyclist wins Texas endurance race after passing out Posted Sunday, Sep. 25, 2011 By Matthew Reagan GLEN ROSE — Gary Gottlieb wouldn’t be denied. The defending Tejas 500 winner had endured more than 24 hours on his bike and had fewer than 150 of 500 miles to finish the race he won a year ago […]

The 2010 Texas Time Trials

The 2010 Texas Time Trials Race Report If one word could sum up The 2010 Texas Time Trials, it would be “Eclectic“. The people who showed up to race, volunteer and sponsor this year’s race were as different as their personal reasons for being involved with this event. While we enjoyed an extremely diverse group […]