Iron Butt 24-Hour 2-Person Team


Product Description

The “Iron Butt” 24-Hour Time Trial race is a RAAM Qualifier. This time trial will start Friday evening at 5:00 pm. The object is to have all the riders and teams finish about the same time for dinner and the Awards Bash Saturday evening.

The Awards Ceremony is a fun place to meet other riders, eat and pick up trophies.  With riders from most of the states in the USA and from other countries, the Awards Bash was also an unbelievable reunion (see past rider list on website) of old and new friends.

The course is a scenic and challenging 26.5 mile loop. Crews can “hand off” to their riders from the start-finish area, each lap.  This venue also allows riders to “crew themselves” from the trunk of their own car, negating the need for an expensive “follow entourage”.  The start-finish is a fun place for your crew and/or resting team riders to congregate and allows for a pleasant social atmosphere. Bring the family for a fun-filled day at the races!  Riders, crews and teams are encouraged to pitch tents in the park under the large trees creating a tent city with a personality all its own.

Price Notices

  1. The sale price shown is valid until August 15, the regular price goes into effect after that.
  2. Per person late fees go into effect on August 15($25), Sept 1($50)  and on race day($85).