Race Info

2010 TTT-314


Glen Rose City Park (Rodeo Park)
1600 Northeast Big Bend Trail (Hwy 67)
Glen Rose, TX 76033
*Next to Sonic*

Official Race Start Times & Schedule

Tejas 500, 48-Hour Thursday 6:00 PM
Tejas 500, 42-Hour Friday 12:00 AM
Tejas 500, 36-Hour Friday 6:00 AM
24-Hour Iron Butt Friday 5:00 PM
12-Hour Tin Butt Saturday 6:00 AM
6-Hour Shoot-Out Saturday 11:00 AM
26.5 Mile Sprint (Males – Females – Tandems) Saturday 3:00 PM
Staggered Starts
No Pro-Rated Laps Allowed to start after 5:00 PM Saturday 5:00 PM
Tejas 500 Race Clock Stops Saturday 6:00 PM
Banquet Begins (food served) Saturday 7:00 PM
Award Ceremony Begins Saturday 7:30 PM



If you do not understand drafting or pro-rated lap rules or anything else – ask now!

If you come upon an accident, call 911 and race officials with information and mile marker

  1. Be Safe –Animals, Cars, Bikes on the road. Don’t change your line without checking first. You are responsible for your safety! If you swerve and take out another rider YOU ARE BAD!
  2. Liability Waiver – All racers AND all crew members (including friends and family) must sign waivers & releases. Racers assisted by a person without a signed waiver will receive a penalty. Waivers available at packet pick-up.
  3. Racer Number– It’s YOUR responsibility to loudly & clearly announce your race number as you pass the timing table each lap. Volunteers will NOT read race numbers. Announce number in single digits. Example: 115 is “One One Five” NOT “One Fifteen.” (Tip: Write race number on handlebar) Number series noted below.
  4. Ribbons – Ribbons are used to ID what race racer is riding and if they are a member of the team. Tie ribbon to helmet. All racers at a given start will have same color ribbons. Teams ALSO have Pink Ribbon & can Draft teammates
    Tejas 500 500 number series Orange ribbon
    Iron Butt 24-hour 200 number series Red ribbon
    Tin Butt 12-hour 100 number series Blue ribbon
    6-hour Shoot-Out 600 number series Green Ribbon
    26.5 Mile Sprint 1 & 2-digit numbers Yellow Ribbon
  5. Parking – Racers crewing themselves – Park “head in” on the north side of Van Zandt road. Sprint only parking in Park.
  6. Feed Zone – Neutral Zone for crew hand-ups located just after (east of) start/finish line.
  7. Warm Up – Do NOT warm-up past Start/Finish line. You will confuse time-keepers AND THE NEW ELECTRONIC TIMING! Be careful doing U-turns, and entering and exiting the “Pits”. There are racers AND CARS on course. Look twice!
  8. Timekeeper – If timekeeper says “stop” you must stop. It is your responsibility to get your race number to timekeepers and verify your results before Awards. Smartphone’ers can check online. Good idea to have a bike computer in case of discrepancy.
  9. Timers – Do NOT disturb computer officials. It is YOUR responsibility to keep track of laps.
  10. Chip Timing – (1)Chip Tag on bicycle (2) No Passing after entering the bridge, (3) SLOW DOWN to cross the mat at less than 10mph (4) cross mat with the chipped tag at 6 O’clock, coasting across mat (5) LISTEN FOR THE CHIRP! If you do not hear it, you did not get credit, carefully loop & re-cross mat. It will only record 1x/hour so no worry of multiple passes.
  11. Drafting – Permitted to 1st stop sign on first lap only. (No Drafting for Sprint Racers!!)
  12. Police – If Police are at a stop sign, they are there for your protection, not to arrest you for running the stop sign. (You are ultimately responsible for your own safety). Police on Saturday only.
  13. Lead Out Vehicle – Will drive in front of lead riders to 1st stop sign, first lap only & end of Drafting.
  14. Neutral SAG –Travels in opposite direction of riders with hazard flashers on. Typically leaving start/finish at the top of each hour. Raise your right hand (turn bike around after dark) if you need help. Support can take you back to start/finish, and possibly back out on course. Personal Support vehicles/crew are NOT PERMITTED ON COURSE. If caught = DQ.
  15. Road Conditions – Note hazards in daylight, for night riding. (Note- downhill after right turn at mile 10 is rough!)
  16. Prorated Lap – Only complete laps count. The most laps with fastest time is the winner. Last pro-rated lap must start before 5pm Saturday.
  17. Off Course – If you ride more than 1 mile without seeing a mile marker, you are probably off course.
  19. Awards – Awards for everyone at Banquet. Awards will not be mailed. Check your shirt size & Award BEFORE leaving!
  20. Drawings for Sponsor Products – At Banquet, you must be present to win.
  21. Courtesy – Please thank volunteers, congratulate other riders and support the sponsors! Foul behavior won’t be tolerated, you will be told to leave and will not be welcomed back.
  22. Pit Areas – This could be most dangerous part of the course! Racers must clear the roadway before stopping and be careful and considerate of other racers while entering/exiting pit areas. Never stop in the road.