The date has been set so come out and volunteer. Last year was the best ever and our new Glen Rose venue provides the perfect location. Come see old friends and make some new ones.

Mark your calendars, call your friends and check-out the website. Join our group of terrific volunteers and enjoy the fun. To volunteer just send us your name, telephone number, e-mail address, preferred times of availability and shirt size to dansmark@flash.net All the information that you need is on www.TT24TT.com and remember to join the discussion group to get the most current Texas Time Trials news.

Volunteers Register Online NOW

We are jazzed about our new volunteer friendly venue, with hotels, restaurants, and stores within walking distance. We have 3 hotel rooms reserved, so no more sleeping on the floor of the church. The website has a tentative volunteer list. If you would like your name to read differently on the backs of the shirts or on the website, let us know. We are happy to use nicknames if you like.

You are also welcome to call me direct with questions at 817-925-0158. No experience required, bring a chair, sunscreen, noise makers, a friend, the kids……We will provide the food. We are looking forward to the best TTTT ever and thank you for being a part of the party. Thanks again, DanD

The All Important Volunteers

Miss Green Hair, Pam Wright working registration. What would we do without her energy? She got less sleep than most of the racers!

Bill Fox gives the pre-race announcements. Bill is our computer guru at The Pavilion, every year, forever…

Kalleen Whitford, Volunteer Coordinator Extraordinaire, and Barry Dorsch lead out the first Tejas 500 racers in Barry’s convertible.

Gary Gottlieb, manning the computers, all weekend. Give him an Apple computer and a problem and he’ll solve it!

Pat Nolan(right), who does it all, and Richard Whittenberg(left), who is perfect help. All you have to do is ask and it will be done! I wouldn’t want to try and do it without them.

Bea Schindler is an amazing registration goddess. She came prepared for anything with those really cute mud boots.

Brad and Lexi Flickner set up awards and run The Sprint race every year.

Scooter Conner, The Main Man with Da Big Rig(his motorhome), babysitting turn #5 with his sweetie Mary Alice Tudor all weekend, every year. Long live Camp Scooter!

Sherwin Rubin is our timing table regular and worked Camp Scooter with a smile.

Cindy Edmison provides calm, cool and collected Registration all weekend long, every year.

Bob Millay and Marti Lewis manning (or womaning) the timekeepers table All-Day, All-Weekend. (Shown with Miss Blue Hair, Pam Wright)

Aspen Gregg, cutest hula-hooping girl!

Vanessa Bowles(right) is our sweet and patient all-night, all-weekend, every-year timekeeper. Vanessa’s son, Jordan(left) also volunteers at TTTT and is an energetic gofer.

Mike Ostrander did it ALL and helped clean up. Wow!

John Roberts, cheerleader and clean-up crew, leads by example! John is one of many Fort Worth Bicycling Club volunteers that keep TTTT fun.

Sammy Barthlomew was never out of the truck long enough for us to get a close up shot. Sammy is our eternal eager beaver, “King Sag Sammy” for the whole weekend every year.

Daniel Sanchez, Pre Race Volunteer from Northwest Cycle Club in Houston, placed signs on the course.

Cindy Edmison shown here with Debbie Breaud. Good thing Debbie showed up to calm down Gary.

Kalleen Whitford the best Volunteer Coordinator that we have ever had.

Mr. H. C. Gordon, Sag Volunteer, that really cares about your safety

Pre-event road crew Volunteer Keith Smith with daughters Ruth, Naomi & Lydia in tow. Thanks for keeping our riders safe by filling the pot holes and marking the course. Keith won 1st Place for the 4-Person Tandem in this year’s Sprint race.

Shellene and Bryan. Great Volunteers!

Bob Whitford camped(site #2) in the rain on the course, drove 2-wheeled sag and fixed flats. Whew… What a weekend of relaxing.

Phil Moore saved the day with Tommy Simmons and helped to clean up on Sunday.

Pit City!

Team Cheetahs, Ann and Aspen Gregg, volunteered all weekend from their motor home on the race course. Aspen is the cutest hula hooping cheerleader on the course and still did the longest race of her life setting a course record with her mom, Ann. Aspen’s mom and dad, Darrell(not shown), manned motor home Stop #3 on the course.

Diane and Mark Reuter volunteered at Camp Scooter to help hold down the fort while Scooter and Mary Alice were out racing.

Bob Millay is the perfect dependable timekeeper.

Pam Wright(on the floor, left) working the TUC results while Dan Driscoll thanks all the Sponsors including Richardson Bike Mart and Bicycles, Inc. and Kalleen thanks all of the volunteers.

Thanks go out to Bicycles, Inc. for loaning us their truck and trailer. We could not do this race without them.

Many of the Volunteers were just too busy to have their picture taken. Sincere thanks also go out to Frank Barrow, Cheri Brown, Buddy Caldwell, Jerry Darnell, Jerry Debo, Naomi Dennis, Shawn Fiset, Shayn Fiset, Tommy Fitzgerald, Tommy Forsythe, Janet & Mike Foster, Blanca Gonzales, Tony Goodnight, Larry Govero, Ski Lieske, Linda Middleton, avid O’Conner, Mark Poulson, Cindy Presley, Twilla Reed, Richard Remm, Minetta Sanchez, Phil Schenk, Linda Simms, Keith Townsen, Stuart Turnage, Nancy Turner and Karen Yandel. We couldn’t have done it without you guys. You’re the best! Thanks for the memories! See you next year.

Please respect Grace Photography’s copyright on the pictures from this report and order them directly if you would like a copy. To see all the photos to http://busytexan.zenfolio.com/f978709303 If you would like anything added or corrected please let us know and feel free to send us any pictures to driscoll@flash.net .